Cool things to make with paper that is Easy!

Today! seeing my one kid busy on the phone and the other one on the computer, I remember my childhood. How fun it was? we used to play with paper, making crafts and drawing, and creating and learning new things to play with. So, I decided to try some cool Paper Crafts with them. Then, the question came to my mind – What are Cool things to make with paper that is Easy? Even, I am not great in Art and craft.

Some of the things I got after some research that are easy and made with the material easily available at home. These are the crafts made with A4 sheet, a scissor, Glue. that’s it. :

Cool things to make with paper that is Easy! here is the list:

  1. Origami Paper Umbrella DIY
  2. Paper Pinwheel
  3. Fire Breathing Paper roll Dragon
  4. Crepe Paper Wisteria
  5. Chinese Paper Lantern
  6. Paper Easel Frames for photos
  7. Pocket Folding Fan
  8. Rolled Paper Flowers
  9. Paper Hyacinth Flower


1. Origami Paper Umbrella DIY

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Here is the most beautiful and cool umbrella made with just paper, an easy Paper Craft. This is a fabulous craft you must start with. A simple and easy but still look versatile. Show some skills to your kids and boast about them. Want to try this gorgeous Origami Paper Umbrella from Firstly, let’s go around your house and gather the following supplies.

Supplies you need:

  1. Construction Paper.
  2. A pair of Scissors,
  3. A pin,
  4. Craft Glue

That’s all and you are ready to go and make this amazing Yellow Umbrella. The steps to make this beautiful paper umbrella are the following:

  1. Cut some circles out of colored papers.
  2. Fold each circle in a semi-circle and each semicircle in a half.
  3.  Paste these quadrants together in the shape shown in the image below.
  4. Complete pasting and you will get an upper part of this paper umbrella.
  5. Now, paste a stick and Your Paper Umbrella is ready.

Cool things to make with paper that is easy

Now, you are all set to make as many paper umbrella as many you like. This is one of the cool things that you can make that is easy but the list is long. So keep going. And you can even customize them by making some designs and patterns on each circle before folding and pasting.


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2. Paper Pinwheel

cool things to do with paper that is easy, easy paper crafts,

Creating something, you can play with, is what kids like the most. In spite of creating some decorative items for their room. The easy way to distract your kids from phones, tabs, and computer are helping them in creating something they can afterward play with. here fits the Paper Pinwheel the best.

For creating this working Paper Pinwheel all you need is:

  1. Construction paper,
  2. Craft Glue,
  3. Pushpins,
  4. A Scissor,
  5. A Pencil.

That’s it. Yeah. Making Workable Paper Pinwheel is this much easy. Give this Paper Pinwheel from a try, surely your kids are going to love it.

Here is the step by step instructions in writing as well as in picture form. So, How to make things out of paper?

  1. Take a colored sheet of construction paper and Draw both diagonal lines with a pencil.
  2. Using Scissor, cut along the diagonals until you reach 2 cm far from the center.
  3. Now, take one corner of the cutting and hold it at the center.
  4. Hold all the 4 corners in the pattern shown in the image below. 
  5. Now, pass a pin through the center of the craft and pin it to a pencil. 
  6. Your pinwheel is ready.

cool things to make with paper that is easy

Your pinwheel is ready, and now, help you kids to make some more. It’s your family time, take them outside to a park, and play with the crafts they made.

3. Fire Breathing Paper Roll Dragon

Cool things to do with paper that is easy, easy paper crafts

The First time, I see the photo of this dragon breathing fire on, It was really an amazing Papercraft. But the amusement enhanced when I learned the procedure. It was ridiculously easy. I did it with my kids and it was a truly fun time. The happiness multiplied when they both were busy in creating crafts.

Let try this, these are the items I used, run your imagination to find an alternative, if you don’t have any of these right now. All you need for this is.

  1. A card roll (toilet roll, paper roll).
  2. Craft Glue.
  3. Crepe paper.
  4. Some pom-poms of 2 different sizes. (If you have none, Just roll some tissue paper)

It’s time for some crafts. follow the steps written below and take guidance from the picture which explains the step by step instruction in a pictorial form. The steps to make this beautiful paper fire breathing dragon.

  1. Take a Tissue paper roll (or if you have none, just roll a hard paper card)
  2. Paste a green color paper sheet (or any color you like for your dragon) over the roll.
  3.  Attach the pom-poms to your dragon (or Roll some tissue paper in the form of a ball to make your dragon’s eyes and nose.)
  4. Cut some pointy strips out of red and yellow tissue paper. 
  5. Paste the strips inside the roll and now let your dragon breath the fire. 

Your fire breathing dragon is ready, enjoy blowing.

4. Crepe Paper Wisteria

cool things to do with paper that is easy, easy paper crafts

These are one of that Gorgeous DIY that looks complicated but rather is, so simple that I find on the Even if you didn’t have the Crepe Paper no worry, these are not expensive. So, the supplies are:

  1. A Crepe roll,
  2. A scissor,
  3. An embroidery thread and needle,

The steps to make this pretty crepe flower, written and pictorial both types of instructions are available below.

  1. Cut a few strips out of crepe paper and fold them at every 1 inch.
  2. Cut the folded strip in the shape of a petal. 
  3. One by one, twist each petal just like the image below.
  4. Now, put the smaller part on the bigger one, as shown in the image.
  5. Make some more as many as you like for your Crepe Wisteria.
  6. Now, poke the needle through the petal and repeat with next petal.

I hope you like this pretty crepe wisteria, looking for some more easy things to make with paper, the following are some more cool things to make with paper that is easy.

5. Chinese Paper Lantern

cool things to do with paper that is easy, easy paper crafts

Chinese Paper lantern is the most simple and quick craft to make with your kids. For any occasion, a party at home, a function at school, or a little get-together, these paper lanterns are best for decoration. Furthermore, With simple steps, you are all set to start creating your own. In my advice, these Chinese paper lanterns are best to develop creativity in your kid. Now, all you need is:

  1. A colored A4 sheet,
  2. A scissor,
  3. Tape or Stapler
  4. A string to attach the Lanterns.

I hope, this doesn’t seem to be a lot of work. Gather the supplies and you are almost halfway. Now, for the detailed instruction and step by step guidelines, Here are the details for Chinese Paper Lantern on

6. Paper Easel Frames

Paper frame, Cool things to do with paper that is easy

How about gifting a beautiful frame with your kid’s photo in it? When my first kid was born, A photo of him is always a paramount request from my parents. Because of the reason, I used to send photos via phone but my parents are not very much familiar with the technology, due to which, they always face problem in opening the gallery on the phone.

Therefore, one day, I decided to surprise them with a photo of their grandchild via post. From that day, it became a weekly routine. So, I had an idea to gift them a frame but with a twist. The frame is to be made by their grandchild himself. The idea I get is from Hence, sharing it with you.

Gift a photo with a frame that still fits in the envelope. The materials required to make Paper Easel Frame.

  1. Two sheets of colorful paper.
  2. Craft glue.
  3. A scissor.
  4. A pencil and a Scale.

Now, just follow the instructions from which guides you step by step.

7. Pocket Folding Fan

cool things to do with paper that is easy, paper fan

I and the boys tried these Pocket Folding Fans and it was a really enjoyable time well spent with them. One of the Merits of this craft is that you can customize them in several thousand ways, all is dependent on the creativity of the kids.

Therefore, just add some design and drawings, you are ready with a unique Pocket Folding Fan. Such toys are best for the kids to give them their own personal touch up. I should add, my kids love them.

So, what are the requirements for Pocket Folding Fan:

  1. Construction paper.
  2. Two Popsicle Sticks
  3. Craft Glue
  4. A pencil and a scale.

Finally, just follow the step by step instructions from and make your Paper Fan.

8. Rolled Paper Flowers

Rolled Paper flower

These easily made rolled paper flowers is a project of This is one of the cool things to make with paper that is easy and I loved so much. I loved the simplicity of these flowers and even I, the Girl without much crafts skills made these beautiful flowers with my kids. These are some of the easy things to make with paper, I made a full bouquet.

I recommend you to surely, give them a try, you will be amazed at how simple and easy it is. The materials, you would require to make Rolled Paper Flowers are:

  1. Construction paper,
  2. Craft Glue,
  3. A pencil
  4. A scale

Now, just follow the instructions from and with easy steps make your rolled paper flower.

9. Paper Hyacinth Flower

hyacinth paper flower

Yes, the name may look complicated but to make it with paper is super easy and cool. To make these awesome flowers, it just takes 5 minutes. Try making one and you will realize how worthy your efforts are in creating these beautiful flowers.

If you are ready then, here is the list of material you will need:

  1. A colored A4 sheet
  2. A pencil
  3. Craft Glue
  4. A Scissor

It’s time to make your Hyacinth Flower.


I hope you like the List. Cool things to make with paper that is easy If you have some more ideas to add to this list, please comment below. We would surely add them to the list and will also give a link to your site.