Cute handmade cards for boyfriend step by step instructions

Here I have collected a few Cute handmade cards and some paper crafts that you can make at your home easily. The best thing about them is you don’t need to be best in crafting, a little knowledge about folding and cutting will do the work. So, Are you interested in making or gifting a special handmade present for your boyfriend? Let’s make some cute handmade cards for your boyfriend.

Each year, I see hundreds of couples buying different kinds of stuff for their loved ones. Though they all look really cute, fighting for the gifts they want or the gifts they have bought for each other. But I wonder, Why do they need to buy some expensive and precious gifts for their partners? Why don’t they give them something made with their own hands, with the love which can not be felt in any factory-manufactured product?

The Cute handmade cards For Boyfriend:

  1. Love Card
  2. I love You, Message Card,
  3. Can’t contain my love for you,
  4. Loads of love,
  5. Packet filled with love.

1. Love Card

A Cute Love Card for your boyfriend. Make your partner (boyfriend) happy with this love card DIY. You don’t need to be an artist or Craftperson. A simple cutting, folding and pasting of the paper will do the work. The personal touch to the gifts always enhances the beauty of gift and also, multiplies your partner’s love towards you in many folds.

Let’s make this Love Card. To make it, Just follow the steps down below and if you need some help. I have a collage of the steps in the above pic.

Supplies you need:

  1. 3 colored papers (Red, Black & White)
  2. A pair of scissors,
  3. Glue,
  4. Pencil.


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Cute Simple Love card

Steps to Make A Cute DIY Handmade Love Cards for your Boyfriend:

  1. This is a gift for a boyfriend but anyone can try it and gift it to anyone.
  2.  Cut 3 colored sheets. ( red, black & white).
  3. Draw 3 horizontal and 3 vertical lines at equal spacing. ( You have net-like lines on your paper. )
  4. Cut all the corners of the mesh. Leaving the boxes in PLUS form.
  5. Now, Cut 3 small Red Hearts and 3 slightly larger Black Hearts. Paste the Red over Black Heart.
  6. Now, Cut one Big Red and slightly bigger Black Heart. Paste Red over Black.
  7. Cut an “I” and “U” out of the Black sheet.
  8. Paste them all on the PLUS. ( all 3 Small hearts vertically, “I” & “U” on either side.)

Your Love Card Gift for your boyfriend is ready. Creativity and personal touch will add feelings to the Card. Show your love to your lover. I have some more handmade Birthday cards in this post that are easy to make yet creative cards.


2. I Love You, Message Card

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Preparing cards are not new, Everyone must be familiar with them since their school time. Although, this never goes out of fashion. This might not be a surprise for your man but I am positive that he is surely going to love it.

Such types of gifts always have their upper hand over the expensive gifts purchased from any gift shop. Let’s make a cute card for your boyfriend, it’s far easy and effective.

Items required in making of this Card for your boyfriend:

  1. 2 colored sheet of papers ( Red & White),
  2. A pair of scissors,
  3. A pencil,
  4. Some colored sketches.

How to make this beautiful I love You, handmade message cards for :

  1. Take a white sheet of paper and draw “I”, heart & “U” in the middle of the sheet.
  2. Cut the tracing, leaving the “I”, heart & “U” attached to the sheet from Top and Bottom.
  3. Press the cutting out of the sheet and fold the paper sheet in half. (It will give a 3D look to your card).
  4. Using some color sketches, write the message all around the cuttings (just like the image shown up).
  5. Now, paste the White sheet onto the Red Sheet.

Bingo! your message card is ready. So simple and easy but still displays your love fully.


3. Can’t Contain my love for You

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Are you thinking of How to show your overwhelming love to your boyfriend? Then this is the right craft you can make using just a few stickers, a white paper, and some glue. So, if you are ready then we start making the papercraft for your boyfriend.

Material required:

  1. Two colored sheets (A white & a Red one).
  2. A pencil.
  3. Few heart-shaped stickers.
  4. White Glue.

How to make a cute gift for your boyfriend that shows you overwhelming love?

  1. Take a white sheet of paper, and Draw a jar shape on it.
  2. Paste the stickers on the white sheet as if it’s being filled with your love.
  3. At the bottom of the jar. paste a sticker with the message “I can not contain my love for you”.
  4. Your love is now free to reach your partner’s heart.


4. Loads of Love

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It might be tricky to know what to make for your boyfriend and you might also worry whether he will appreciate it or not.

Luckily, what you fear is not the case with guys. They are much more sentimental than you think. What I think is he’ll love that you have gone out of the way just for him and he is going to feel special. Above all, Everyone enjoys the feeling of being special.

Materials Required:

  1. 3 colored sheets of paper.
  2. A little truck cutting.
  3. Few heart-shaped stickers.
  4. White Glue.

How to make cute “loads of love” Handmade Love card for your boyfriend?

  1. Take a White Sheet of paper and fold it in half (to make it a greeting card)
  2. On the outside, paste the little truck cutting. (to give a 3D effect, paste some paper strips under it)
  3. paste the loads (heart-shaped stickers) at the back of the Truck.
  4. Now, your simple card with loads of love is ready, but the creativity is up to you. The more you show your love through decoration the more it gets better.


These are some of the cute and simple handmade love cards for your boyfriend. So, give it a try.

5. Packet filled with love

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This one is the last one of the handmade love cards for your boyfriend with love but I have some more handmade Birthday cards that are easy, simple yet creative cards in this post that you must try. if you like to make some crafts we have some more easy crafts that you can enjoy making and improve your creativity. 

Let’s make this cute handmade card, so, what are the materials used in this card?

  1. Brown sheet of paper and a white sheet of paper,
  2. Some heart-shaped cuttings,
  3. White glue,

How to make this beautiful and simple handmade love card?

  1. Fold a white sheet of paper in half in the form of a card.
  2. Now, fold the brown sheet in the shape of a letter and paste it in on the white sheet.
  3. Add the different colored and designed hearts to the sheet as if they are being filled in the packet with your love.
  4. Now, start showing your creativity and impress your boyfriend.


I hope you enjoy the list of beautiful and attractive handmade cards for your boyfriend. Here, I have some more handmade Birthday cards in this post that are easy but look so much creative. If you like to make crafts then try some more articles. I am sure you are going to love them.