Easy Art and Craft With paper | Step by Step instructional Images

Hi, today, I and my kids were free to try something new. So, the way, I consider the best to enjoy and spend my time with my kids is to create something new. Therefore, I started to google some Easy Art and Craft with paper, that I can try with my kids.

There was a list of items and crafts in the result but I didn’t see them as easy to make. So, searched a lot through the internet and luckily found some of the art and crafts that I can try with my kids. Finally, after spending some quality time with my kids. I set down to share the crafts with you that I liked making. So, rather than spending your time surfing, you can go and enjoy more time with your kids.

Here a list of Easy Art and Craft with Paper, that even 4 years old can make:

  1. Paper Shamrock
  2. 3D paper Caterpillar
  3. Minion Greeting Card
  4. Bouncy paper frog

1. Paper shamrock

easy art and craft with paper

It is the easiest paper craft, you can make with your kids. You just have to fold some strips together and staple them. that’s it. Even the materials requirement is very low and you can easily find them around your home. The materials required to make this paper shamrock is:

  1. A Green colored Construction Paper.
  2. A Stapler,
  3. A pair of Scissors.
  4. A Craft Glue,

Now, with all the ingredients in your hand, you are ready to make the simple and easy Paper Craft. Just follow the steps written below or just go the pic down below and get step by step instructional images.

How to make Paper Shamrock with Steps?

  1. Cut a few strips of 3 different lengths but equal width.
  2. Staple the strips in a set of 6, in a shape of a heart, with 2 longer ones inside and then arranging the remaining 4 in ascending orders. ( Follow the image below, to get clear understanding).
  3. Make 3 more leaves just like this.
  4. Now, paste an extra strip as a loop.
  5. Your Paper shamrock is ready.


easy art and craft with paper


2. 3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

I personally liked it very much. A flexible caterpillar with which your kids even play with. Though, It seems very creative but needs a little to no creativity skills, If you had none, no problem. Just follow the step and you will have your own colorful 3D Caterpillar. So, what’s the material you will need for this:

  1. Construction Paper. ( A yellow or red),
  2. A pair of Scissors,
  3. A Craft Glue.

Now, get ready to make this beautiful colored Caterpillar. Follow the step by step instruction as shown in the image or Here are the steps to make this project. 

  1. Take a colored paper sheet and make cuts halfway just like the image below.
  2. Fold all the cuttings.
  3. Paste the strips on the opposite side, just like the image below.
  4. Now make a face for your caterpillar and paste it.
  5. And your 3D caterpillar is ready.


3. Minion Greeting Card

paper crafts
Source: The Craft Train

Wish someone special with this cute Minion greeting card. In addition, put a little message in his pocket and make this craft unique, in other words, make this a special gift just for a special one. I like Minions, I, kind of find them really cute and therefore, tried this cute little minion with my kids. Even, they liked it very much. So, what the ingredient you need to go and buy from the market, actually, everything can easily found around your home only.

The materials required for this:

  1. Some Construction Paper. (yellow for the body, blue for the dress and some brown & black for eyes),
  2. A pair of Scissors,
  3. craft Glue,
  4. A pencil.

I’m pretty sure, you can easily arrange the material for the project and now, let’s come to the steps. Here are the steps following the paragraph, and if you any time feel confused. Just go through the image below to make it easy for you to understand.

How to make a paper Minion Greeting:

  1. Get some blue and yellow color sheets and fold them in half.
  2. Draw roughly a basic dress pattern and cut the folded paper just like step 2 in the image below.
  3. Put the paper dress on another folded sheet of yellow color.
  4. Cut two equal large circles of yellow and white color and finally a smaller one of brown color.
  5. Now, paste the circles on a Grey circle larger than the other circle to make the eye of the minion.
  6. Now, do some sketching to make his eye and smile, and your Cute Minion Greeting is ready.
Source: The Craft Train

You can paste a little paper cutting on the dress to make a little pocket to place your message for your special one.


4. Frog on a Lily Pad

It was very fascinating to create this little bouncy frog. It’s rather very simple though it seems very high-level creativity. You and your kids can easily try and make it. But for the younger ones you may need to first cut the shapes out for them. The materials needed, for this project, can easily be arranged from around your house. And when it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit. you can use glitters, sparkles, anything that suits your choice. 

Now, The materials used in this Bouncy Paper Frog:

  1. Some Construction Paper. 
  2. Glue Stick or White Glue,
  3. A pair of Scissors.

And you are ready for the craft. The following are the steps, you need to follow. Go to the image down below or follow the steps written below. 

  1. Make the shape of a frog and a leaf on any colored paper you like.
  2. Now, cut the shapes out and get ready to decorate. 
  3. Cut some little circles of various colors out of the paper and paste them on your frog. 
  4. Take a green color paper and cut some long strips in a triangular shape and paste them on the leaf.
  5. Make a paper spring. (To make this, go to the post on “The Craft Train” and watch the video tutorial)
  6. Paste the Frog on the Spring and the spring on the leaf. Your bouncy frog is ready.


Source: The Craft train

I believe you like the easy art and craft with paper that even 4 years old can make. If you have some more ideas to share with us. Feel free to Contact Us. If we like your craft, we will publish it here and give a link to your site.