Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers for Classroom

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While surfing online, I find some of the wonderful craft ideas which are creative and could help in improving any kid’s imaginative skill. I am not a teacher but I know how hard is it to teach the preschoolers in a fun way. As to handle a kid is itself a difficult task and a whole gang of kids makes it even harder. So, here I have some Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers for the Classroom to teach Preschoolers.


1. Cotton Sheep

This is a craft by arty crafty kids. You must ask your students to help you in creating this cotton sheep as they would love to play with cotton. Also, there is nothing that can hurt them. So, this could be the best choice to start with.

Material required:

  1. A pair of scissors with child-safety design.
  2. Construction paper.
  3. Craft glue.

Help the kids in cutting the grass and the sheep shape.

Easy art and crafts for teacher,


2. Big Hand Monster

It’s time to play with some colors. Give your kids some white sheets and ask them to make some awesome designs with colors and use as many colors they like. Let them enjoy making. When they are done, give them a pencil to create a shape on the sheet. Using a pair of scissors, cut out the kid’s monster shapes.

To make the body parts, take the kid’s handprints and attach the hands to the body with some black strips of paper. Cut some black and white circles for the monster’s eyes.

Source: Artycraftykids

Your kid’s monster is ready.

Materials Required:

  1. Some White sheets of paper and black
  2. Water Colors.
  3. A pair of scissors.
  4. Some pencils.
  5. White Glue.



3. Crepe Paper Flowers

Let’s do some flower making. These types of crafts are always favorite to kids. As they just have to tear and paste. For this, you need to make or give the kids some outlines and ask them to paste the crepe paper in the shape of a flower. You must keep a Sample before-hand with you. This will give a good idea to the kids about what they have to do.

Materials Required:

  1.  Some Crepe Papers
  2. Craft glue.
  3. Some white sheets of paper.
  4. A pair of scissors.


4. Marble Run Board

A handmade Game Board for the preschoolers. One of my favorite Art and Craft Ideas for teachers for preschools with which they can create and play as well. So, let’s help our kids in rolling the papers and make pipes for the marbles to run through it. Teach your kids how to roll a paper and paste them on hard cardboard.

Materials Required:

  1. Hard Cardboard.
  2. Some colored sheets of paper.
  3. White glue.
  4. Some marbles.
  5. and some kids to help you in rolling the sheets.

Enjoy the game with the kids.

5. HandPrint Pot

Are you ready to help your kids in making this simplest but pleasing flower pot? Kids love playing with the colors and in preschool, the best part is seeing them enjoying and spoiling colors here and there. This is the stage where they explore their imagination and gain irresistible love for art and crafts.

So, what do you need for making Hand Print pot?

  1. Some colors for the kid’s entertainment.
  2. Some white sheets.
  3. Set the kids free with their imagination.

6. Family Portrait

Family is what every child recall while taking a class in preschool. hence, asking them to form a Family Portrait is really helpful in diverting their mind towards learning. So, what do you need for forming this family portrait?

Material Required:

  1. Some White sheets of paper.
  2. all the drawing and painting material (like watercolors, crayons, pencil colors, etc.)

7. ThumbPrint Flowers

If you think of the first step to creating any art or craft then I think, making flowers with thumbprints is the first step to arts. Kids not only learn to create but also improve their imaginative skills and understands the colors name and combination.

So, the materials required for creating Thumb Print Flowers are:

  1. Some white sheets of paper.
  2. and some colors (such as watercolors, and acrylic paint )

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

8.HandPrint Sunflower

Just like Thumbprint flowers, this is also a very good craft that is common in the preschools and kids love it. For this, the kids will just put some color on their hands and take a print of it on a white sheet. After the prints, the teacher must cut out the handPrints and paste them in the shape of a flower.

The materials required for these art and crafts ideas for teachers:

  1. Some watercolors.
  2. Some white sheets of paper.

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

9.HandPrint Thank you Art

Another handprint art for the preschoolers. These are the art and crafts ideas for teachers for the classroom and taking the base ideas from these, you can create N numbers of arts. Art is the best way to channelize the kid’s energy toward innovation and imagination. This could be a perfect gift for the teacher too. Thank them for helping you grow.

Material required for making it. I hope there is no need for the listing of the items now, as each craft includes white sheets of paper and colors.

10.ThumbPrint and ArmPrint Tree

What an astonishing art! and surprise is that this craft is for kids. Amazing, and appealing at the same time. A handprint and a few thumbprints are all that you need. Thumbs will be the leaves and the hand will be the stem. A pleasing piece of art is ready to impress the parents and the teachers.

The supplies are the same. Some white sheets of paper and some watercolors.

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

11.Thank You Card

The best way to thank a teacher is by surprising them with what you have learned from them. So, here is a perfect gift that a preschooler can make and gift to their teacher and leave a sweet memory with them in the form of your present. Greetings cards might seem old fashioned but a customized item always wins the heart in this online social world.

The materials requirements are the same as any other arts and crafts ideas for teachers that are discussed above.

12. Kid’s made Necklaces

The next idea is Necklaces. Assist your preschoolers in having their own necklaces in their favorite designs. Kids love to make something that they can keep with them all day. Necklaces can be a good idea.

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

13. A Heart filled with flowers

A cute symbol of love, A heart shape with flowers. This is one of the easiest arts and crafts ideas for teachers your students can make. All you have to provide them is a heart-shaped cutting to them and leave the innovation up to them. 

14. Paper Plate Snail

It’s time to make a snail using paper plates. Gather some watercolors and ask students to show their imagination and create their own colorful shells for their snail. 

Materials Required for making Paper Plate Snail.

  1. Paper Plates,
  2. A few color sheets,
  3. Some watercolors,
  4. Craft glue.

15.Paper Peacock

This craft may need some crafting techniques. although, if taught properly this is just a kid’s play. For this, you must know the accordion fold. Follow the link to know How to make Accordion fold

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

16. Paper caterpillar

A cute caterpillar that will enhance the artistry in the kids. Students can even enjoy playing with it. If you want to learn how to make this Paper Caterpillar, I have this post that explains you by step by step instructions. 

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

17. Bee Can Pen holders

Simplest pen holder to make with just a can and a few color sheets of papers. Kids love to make things that they can use afterward. They could have their own pen holders and even can show to their relatives, their crafts that they learn at their schools.

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers


18. Rainbow Cloud

A craft by Easy peasy and Fun. The first craft, you can start with. Pasting and cutting is the first step to learning craft making and this could be the best to choose to start with your kids. Ask your kids to make some clouds and then, help them in cutting the shapes properly.

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

19. Paper Frog pen Holder

Another craft by Easy peasy and fun. There, you can find some interesting crafts about Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers for preschoolers. For making this Frog pen holder, you need some cutting and pasting. An easy to make pen holder.

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

20. HandPrint Peacock

Another sweet and lovely craft for the kids. Use the lower part of the fist to make the body of the peacock. A Kid’s hand will be peacock’s feathers. Provide students with a white sheet of paper and leave the imagination for the kids.

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

21. Butterfly & bugs Rings

Beautiful butterfly and bugs Rings. Help your kids in making some awesome bugs and butterflies. Cutout some butterfly and bugs shapes and give them to your preschoolers to do the art. and then, just paste the bugs on rings.

Easy Art and Crafts Ideas for Teachers

I hope you like the collection of Art and crafts ideas for teachers to craft with your students.