how to make easy pen stand with newspaper rolls

How to make pen stand with newspaper rolls

Today was a hard day. I did some cleaning of my house and found a large bulk of newspapers lying in my drawers. It was a real mess. finally, I did the cleaning part. But suddenly, I got an idea to make some crafts with all the newspapers lying around my house and do my part in reusing the waste materials. So, I set and googled, what can I make with the newspapers? got a lot of the ideas, but one I personally liked very much is Pen Stands. So, searched How to make an easy pen stand with newspaper rolls? Tons of results and ideas began to surface. Here, down below are the ideas, I liked very much and therefore sharing them with you.

Some easy pen stand with newspaper rolls:

  1. A Simple Pen stand,
  2. Square box Pen stand,
  3. Paper vase as a Pen stand.

A Simple Pen Stand

Let’s start with the easiest Pen stands you can make and then add some more complex structures to our list of Pen stands. So, What skills do you need in making these pen stands? Actually, none. If you can roll a paper in a stick. You’re Good. As I said, we are making the use of the old newspapers. So, you just need some papers for the craft.

Materials you’re going to need to make the Simple Pen stands:

  1. Some newspapers,
  2. A thin needle (a Knitting needle, to help in rolling the paper easily),
  3.  A craft glue,
  4. A pair of scissors,
  5. A large duct tape (or something to have a rough reference for the circular structure).

when you’re ready with the materials, just follow the steps below and make your first DIY pen stands. Finally, we are at the steps, we would require. The steps are written in the simplest form and if you find any difficulty in understanding any of the steps. Down the Steps, I have a step by step images to teach you quickly and easily.

How to make an easy pen stand with newspaper rolls?

  1. Get ready with a lot of newspaper rolls.
  2. BONUS: Cut all the corners of the strips before rolling, and then, start rolling from the pointy edge. You’ll get thick and clean rolls.
  3. Use some circular items like the large duct tapes, for reference and start pasting the rolls in a circle.
  4. Cut a circle from cardboard, use the duct tape to get the circle, as the circle should match the base.

How to make easy pen stand with newspaper


Square box Pen stand

A beautiful yet simple pen stand, which not only holds the important utensils in a well-organized way but also decorates your table well. If you are not much into creating crafts then these are the crafts you are going to like very much. If you can roll and paste the things together then you are qualified for making the pen stand with newspaper rolls.

The materials required for making the Square box pen stand:

  1. Newspapers,
  2. Craft Glue,
  3. A pair of scissors,
  4. straws (to help you in rolling the newspapers),
  5. Some colors to do the finishing.

It’s easy to get all the materials. Along with that, even making is an easy task. Just follow the instructions below which explains the process in a simple way. Consult the image below, if you are lazy in reading, it explains the step by step process with images.

How to make an easy pen stand with newspaper rolls?

  1. Using a straw, start rolling the newspapers and make some strong rolls.
  2. Paste the rolls together side by side.
  3. When pasted enough rolls in one, attach them together to make a square.
  4. Complete the square.
  5. Make two square boxes and place them on a base made up of newspaper rolls.
  6. To make the structure strong, paste a paper rolls wall between the boxes.
  7. Do the finishing and your Square box pen stand is ready.


Paper Vase as a pen stand

Such a beautiful Pen stand but I should add, you can use it as a paper vase also and it is going to enhance your creativity and the beauty of your room at the same time. You can use the same procedure for N no. of your projects. All you have to do is decide the design and start rolling the newspapers.

The materials you require are:

  1. obviously, some newspapers,
  2. A knitting needle or straw (to help you in rolling the newspaper easily).
  3. A pair of scissors,
  4. A pencil and a ruler.
  5. And Craft Glue,

How to make an easy pen stand with newspaper rolls?

  1. Roll some newspapers and paste them together.
  2. Now, make a slanted line and cut along the line using a pair of scissors.
  3. Paste both the parts together and make a long strip of newspaper rolls.
  4. Roll some strips around a pencil and make the base for your paper vase.
  5. Make some flowers to do the finishing and decoration.
  6. paste the rolls to the base and add some flowers.

Your paper vase is ready to be placed on your table.

Hope you like the paper stands, I’ll add some more beautiful paper stand to the list and if you have any idea of your own you want to share. Just let me know and I’ll add it to the list and give a link too.