How to make easy pen stand with paper at home?

how to make easy pen stand with paper?

Today, we are going to make some awesome n easy pen stand with paper using only the materials easily available at home. Making the daily usable items with your own hands gives a feeling of longing. I personally have noticed on my kids how they always love their creations. So, I instead, helped them to make their own. One such item is Pen stand. So, how to make easy Pen stand with paper at home? The answer is simple. follow the article.

Pen Stand can be made with any waste materials you find around your house. and I already have an article on How to make easy Pen stand with newspaper rolls? So, if you are looking for some simple ideas for pen stands. Do visit the post. Now, let’s make some pen stands with paper.

Pen Stand with paper at home:

  1. Simple Pen Stand,
  2. Hexagonal Simple Pen Stand,
  3. Hexagonal Stylish Pen Stand,
  4. Beautiful Pen Stand.


Simple Pen Stand

Try this Simple Pen Stand with your kids and help them to customize their own pen stand. These Pen stands have many benefits if you notice. This not only organizes your table but also improves the creativity of your kids. So, put some colored paper on the table and get started.

The materials you’ll need to make your Simple pen stand:

  1. Some colored papers,
  2. A white glue,
  3. A pair of scissors.

The materials are no headache but the steps may seem confusing. But, in contrast, the procedure is much simple than it seems. Just follow the picture below which shows step by step images of the making of the pen stand.

How to make Simple pen stand with paper? 

  1. Take a square sheet of paper and divide it into 4 equal sections (Squares).
  2. Place two adjacent corners at the center (align along the middle line).
  3. Now, fold the triangle along the middle line and place it on the opposite edge.
  4. Fold the rectangular structure in half and make a Square.
  5. Make 8 more like this in two different colors. (4 of each color).
  6. Insert the squares of two different colors into each other (See image).
  7. Open the sheets and make an open cuboid.
  8. Do the same with other crafts and paste them together.

Your simple pen stand with paper is ready. Place it on the table and arrange your markers, pens, pencils properly. This is a craft by AS world.


Hexagonal Simple Pen Stand

I call it a simple Pen stand, though, it seems a little bit complex craft. But as you can see in the image below or notice the steps, it’s just an 8-steps craft. I helped my kids in making this craft and believe me, kids can make it. You may need when fitting the crafts together, as it requires a little skill. If you like it, we can start making this Hexagonal Simple Pen Stand.

What are the materials needed for the hexagonal Simple Pen Stand?

  1. Some colored papers ( colored A4 sheets or construction paper),
  2. A pair of scissors,
  3. A white glue,
  4. A pencil.

Get ready with the materials and follow the steps written below or consult the image following the steps, which teaches you, step by step, with the help of images.

How to make easy Hexagonal Simple Pen Stand with paper?

  1. Take a square sheet of paper.
  2. Divide the square sheet into 4 sections, vertically and horizontally.
  3. Fold all the corners along the diagonal of the corner squares.
  4. Place the two opposite edges on the middle line (which divides the sheet in half) of the square sheet.
  5. Turn over the sheet and fold the rectangular sheet along the crease to make a square.
  6. Cut a rectangular sheet of another color with the same dimension as one of the sides and fit it inside.
  7. Now, fit both the ends in one another.
  8. Make 6 more like this and paste them together.

The hexagonal simple pen stand is ready. This is a craft by Craftistic.


Hexagonal Stylish Pen Stand

Another Hexagonal pen Stand but rather much more stylish. You can easily make this in less than 2 minutes. You can teach this to your kids also, and make them more creative and in addition decorate their table with their own customized pen stand. So, get your kids ready to try this stylish pen stand.

What are the materials you need to make this hexagonal stylish pen stand? 

  1. Some colored papers,
  2. A pair of scissors,
  3. A white glue.

Hope, you have all the materials ready. It’s time to make the hexagonal pen stand with paper. Follow the steps below and after the step is an image, which teaches you to make your pen stand in step by step images.

How to make easy Hexagonal Pen Stand with Paper?

  1. Take a square sheet of colored paper.
  2. Divide the sheet into 4 equal parts.
  3. Fold any two adjacent corners along the diagonal of the smaller squares and place the corners on the center.
  4.  Fold the lower unfolded rectangle in half.
  5. Place both the smaller edges on the middle line.
  6. Insert both the ends into one another and fix them with the white glue.
  7. Make 6 more, following the procedure.
  8. Paste all the 6 together and add a base.

Your Hexagonal Stylish Pen Stand is ready. This is a craft you can make within minutes. Give it a try.

How to make easy pen stand with paper

Beautiful Pen Stand

It’s time to make a beautiful pen stand now. The girls love such type of decorative yet useful items. My daughter loved it because it seems complex, yet, it actually is simple. so, grab your kids and bring them to the craft table and let them make this beautiful pen stand.

What are the materials you’ll need before you make this Pen stand?

  1. Some colored sheets of paper,
  2. A Plastic bottle,
  3. A pair of scissors,
  4. A white Glue,
  5. A pen or pencil.

Follow the written steps below and make your own pen stands. If you find any difficulty in understanding, take the help of the image below which clearly explains the step by step instructions with images.

How to make easy & beautiful Pen Stand with Paper?

  1. Draw a spiral on a colored sheet and cut it using a pair of scissors.
  2. roll the cutting and add some more to make it a large roll.
  3. Your flower is ready. Make a few more like this.
  4. Make an accordion fold of a colored sheet of paper.
  5. Fold one-third of the fold and paste it together.
  6. Make some more accordion folds of different colors.
  7. Take a plastic bottle, cut the upper half of the bottle and paste a colored paper around it.
  8. Paste the flowers and the Accordion folds around the bottle and decorate it beautifully.

Your beautiful Pen stand is done. Place it on your table and manage all the pen, pencil and utensils properly.


Hope you like the list on How to make easy Pen Stand with paper? if you have any other ideas about the pen stand. Please let me know in the comments. I’ll add the crafts to the list and give a link.