How to make games at home with paper?

How to make games at home with paper, paper games, DIY homemade games

This is a hard time that everyone is either lockdown inside their homes or fear to go out. either way, you are going to get bored at home and will look for things to make at home. There must be some kids with you if you are reading this. So, if you need to make games at home with paper. Then, this is the right place to find a list of games that can be made with paper. Here I have a complete list of games and also How to make games at home with paper?

List of games that you can make at home with paper.

  1. Penny Spinner (Spin it)
  2. Little Tornado (It looks really satisfying)
  3. Caterpillar Race ( Not an easy race)
  4. Paper Spinner ( How fast can you be?)
  5. Paper Plane ( Simple but goes far)
  6. Magic Feet ( It seems like an invisible man walking)
  7. Board Game ( This need some Skills)
  8. Paper Frog (Let’s make this frog jump higher
  9. Finger biter ( It’s a trap)


1. Penny Spinner

This is the simplest handmade game that can be made with a cardboard or a hard paper. This is easy and simple games even for kids under 5. All you need to do is cut a circle out of cardboard and insert a coin through. Isn’t it an easy and quickest game to make at your home. Also, we all know kids love working with colors. Therefore, even making this game can be a learning experience for them.

Time Needed: 5 minutes per Spinner. ( A 5-minutes craft)

Materials Required:

  1. Cardboard (Or paste some paper together to make a hard sheet).
  2. A penny/coin.
  3. A pair of scissors.
  4. A pencil.
  5. A circular object. (Use duct tape as references for the circle.)
  6. some Colors.

Now, down below are the steps in writing as well as pictorial form, in case you need some help with the instructions.

How to make games to play at home? Follow the steps

  1. A penny spinner, even we enjoyed a lot in our childhood and I still love spinning.
  2. Using Duct Tape or any other circular object, draw some circles on the cardboard.
  3. Cut the circles out with the help of a pair of scissors.
  4. Color the cutouts in different patterns or just leave this job for kids.
  5. Using scissors, make a hole in the center and then, insert the penny.
  6. Spin the wheel.

Now the fun starts, Let the kids spin the wheel. If you have small kids in your house. then, this post has 4 amazing games that you and your kids will enjoy making and playing.

Penny spinner, How to make penny spinner easy,

2. Little Tornado

Spinning is a fun game and also playing with a homemade game multiplies the fun as you have put in your own time and mind. We should usually make such games with our kids this not only strong parent’s bond but also improves the kid’s skills. I personally try this with my kids and the time is worth spending.

Time Needed: 5 minutes. ( a 5 minutes craft)

Materials Required:

  1. Construction paper.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. A pencil.
  4. A long stick
  5. Craft Glue.

Here are the steps to make this little tornado, you can also take reference from the picture below.

  1. Cut 8 equal long strips and 4 circles using a pair of scissors.
  2. Paste 4 strips on a small circle in Plus sign.
  3. Now, Paste the remaining 4 strips in Cross then finish it by pasting a small circle.
  4. Repeat the same with the other ends of the strips.
  5. Take the Stick and pass through the center of the circles and also, apply some glue at the end of the stick.
  6. Now, spin the stick and play with your little tornado.

Following is a step by step instructional picture for you to take help in case you get stuck at some point.

How to make games at home with paper? 

3. Caterpillar race

Let’s race. For making this game, you need a little to no crafting skills. If you can use a pair of scissors then you are good to go. Just fold a strip, cut the corners and your caterpillar is ready to win the race.

If you are not great in crafting then, along with this game I have this post which has 4 games that even kids under 5 can make and play.

Time Needed: 2 mins per caterpillar (A 2 minutes craft)

Materials Required:

  1. Construction paper.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. A pencil.
  4. A Straw
  5. Craft Glue.
  6. A Black Sketch (for eyes).

The following are the steps on How to make a caterpillar with paper for the Caterpillar race?

  1. Get ready to make a caterpillar for your race.
  2. Take a long rectangular strip of colored sheet.
  3. Fold the strips in half and then fold both halves in half again.
  4. Then, cut the corner and make them round. (refer to the picture)
  5. Repeat the same with the other end too.
  6. Open the folds and you Caterpillar is ready to race.

Align the caterpillars on the starting line, get your straw, and Ready steady go.

How to make paper caterpillar for Race?

4. Paper Spinner

How fast can you spin? a perfect handmade game -a spinner. The enjoyment increases as you get perfect in it. You must have heard about the fidget spinner. Remember how crazy the kids were after it? The same is with this one, a handmade game to release stress and pressure.

Time Needed: 5 minutes (5 minutes crafts)

Materials Required:

  1. Cardboard.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. A pencil.
  4. a long string of threads.
  5. some Colors.
  6. A circular object to draw circles.

Let’s know the steps to How to make games at home with paper? A fun game.

  1. Draw circles on a white sheet of paper. (If the sheet is not hard, paste two sheets.)
  2. Cut the circles out using the pair of scissors.
  3. Make two holes at the center.
  4. Pass a thread through the holes.
  5. Tie both the ends.
  6. Your spinner is ready to spin.

Enjoy playing with the homemade game.

Paper Spinner, How to make games at home with paper? 

5. Paper Plane

Another one of Diy paper Games. A paper plane, it’s old but still, the kind of enjoy this piece of paper can give is incomparable. but uniqueness is its new design. Unlike all other paper planes, this one has some perfect dynamics that make it unique. Grab some paper and get ready to try this one.

Time Needed: 2 mins (a 2 minutes craft)

Materials Required:

  1. Construction paper.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. A pencil.
  4. Double-sided tape (optional)
  5. Craft Glue.

So, How to make games at home with paper? try a paper plane.

  1. Take a square sheet of colored paper and make a crease along one diagonal.
  2. Take one corner and place it in the center of the diagonal.
  3. Once again, fold the folded section and place it along the diagonal.
  4. Repeat the step mentioned above till you get a thin strip along the diagonal.
  5. Now, make a loop and interlock both the ends of the thin strips.
  6. Use double-sided tape or white glue to paste the wings on the interlock.
  7. Your plane is ready to take off.

Make a whole lot of planes and then have a race whose plane goes the farthest.


Unique way to make paper plane, How to make paper plane in different way?

6. Magic Feet

This one is a fun game. It doesn’t need many skills, even your kids can help in making of this fun game with paper. This may not seem much encouraging but as it can be made easily. you must give it a try and I’m sure you will have a smile after seeing invisible feet running on your floor.

Time Needed: 2 minutes (a 2 minutes craft)

Materials Required:

  1. Colored sheets of paper.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. A pencil.
  4. A Straw.
  5. Two sticks
  6. Duct Tape.

Steps to make the magic feet.

  1. Using a pair of scissors, cut feet shapes out of colored sheets of paper.
  2. Paste two straws on both feet using tape.
  3. Paste two stick opposite to each other on the inner side of the tape.
  4. Put the feet attached with straw on the sticks.
  5. Roll the tape.

Did you see the magic? It seems like an invisible man walking on your floor.

Simple game for kids under 5, How to make games at home with paper? 

7. Board Game

If you are an adult or just don’t want to make some kiddish thing. Then, this one is for you. This board game is going to test your sports skills.

How to play this Board Game?

Using a rubber band, pass your players through the little hole, all of them. The player does it first, wins.

Pretty simple? yes. Making this DIY board game is even much easy. Just gather the materials from around your home. Every item on the list can easily be found at home.

Materials Required:

  1. Hard cardboard.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. A pencil.
  4. Craft Glue.
  5. some Colors.
  6. and, two strong rubber band

Steps to make board games at home?

  1. Take long rectangular cardboard.
  2. Add borders to this piece.
  3. Cut a small rectangle shape of height 4 times the cardboard’s thickness out of a long strip. (This is going to be the middle line.)
  4. Place the cutout from the last step in the middle of the box.
  5. Paste 3 circles of cardboard in one. (these are the players.)
  6. Paint V shapes on either side.
  7. Cut two rubber bands and tie them on either end.
  8. Place your players on the rubber band and pull.

Enjoy the game at home. This video on is about the board game in case you want to play or make it.

How to make board game at home? 

8. Paper Frog

An origami paper frog, good for your kickstart as an expert in origami. This origami needs some skills but once done, kids are going to love it. You can play with it as a frog race. Put your frogs at the starting line and jump jump jump.

Time Needed: 10 mins ( Once you get used to folding sheets you can easily make a lot in minutes.)

Materials Required:

  1. Construction paper.
  2. A pair of scissors.

For origami crafts, the best way is to see and copy. Therefore, steps may not give you the right idea about what to do next.

But still here are the steps to make this origami paper frog.

  1. Using a pair of scissors, cut some rectangular strips. (length = 2 times width)
  2. Fold the strip in half (first half) and then, make three creases on both the halves (two diagonals and one parallel to the half(second half.)
  3. Push either side of second-half crease inwards.
  4. Repeat the same steps with the other half. Now let’s make the legs.
  5. Fold corner to the adjacent corner in half.
  6. Then, bring the point back to half. Repeat the same for all the legs.
  7. Now, fold the tail.
  8. Take the wings and put them in the tail folded in the previous step.
  9. Fold the origami in half along the belly of the frog.
  10. Fold back the piece folded in the last step.

Put your finger on the frog and here it jumps.

How to make paper frog, papercrafts4u, How to make games at home with paper? 

9. Finger Biter

Another beautiful DIY paper game. This craft actually bites but for this, you may need some crafting skills, and this, according to me, is not for beginners. This origami is so attractive that everyone wants to try this. Therefore, I have step by step instructions in writing as well as you will get step by step pictures to guide you.

Time Needed: 10 mins ( This requires some proper folding techniques which you learn with practice.)

Materials Required:

  1. Construction paper.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. A pencil.
  4. A long stick
  5. Craft Glue.
  6. some Colors.

For this, I would suggest you refer to the picture to get the best instruction to make this origami.

How to make games at home with paper?, papercrafts4u, Finger biter

I hope you like the list on how to make games at home with paper?