How to make handmade birthday cards at home?

How to make handmade birthday card, birthday cards with paper.

Birthdays are special occasions that come in every individual’s life. It is the responsibility of the close ones to make that special day more special and memorable. Therefore, everything that embraces your love for the person is the best gift you can offer to them. Handmade and Homemade gifts with your detailed custom touch are always best for close friends and your family. So, How to make handmade birthday cards at home?

Nowadays, We get birthday notifications through social media and just forward a birthday sticker or post to greet them for their birthday. But in this modern social media life, spare some time for your loved ones and rather than posting on their wall or timeline on Facebook or tweeting them via twitter, make a custom birthday card and gift them and let them feel your love and care.

you can always just stay with the contemporary and conventional ways of sending greetings cards or birthday cards. But if you want to make them feel extra special, going back to the old traditional ways of sending greeting cards would never fail to amaze them.

It is common to get posts on the timeline and photo tags on any social media when it is our birthday but getting a greeting card would surely blow our minds and feel more valued.

Here I have collected a creative, simple, cool selection of homemade and handmade Birthday Cards. Birthday card ideas for mom, dad, grandma, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friends. Let’s start and create a beautiful birthday card.

Make Simple and Easy Homemade Birthday cards at home.

  1. Emoji Birthday Card.
  2. Birthday Card with flowers.
  3. Creative Birthday card.
  4. Heart-shaped birthday card.

1. Emoji Birthday Card

A cute birthday card, which seems complicated but actually just needs some folding, cutting, and pasting of papers. Paper crafts are the easiest ways to look creative and impress your friends and family. The best part is you are making a custom gift with a personal touch that always wins the hearts.

So, what you need to make this beautiful birthday card.

Material required to make this birthday card at home:

  1. Some colored sheets of paper.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. White glue.
  4. A pencil.

That’s it. You are all set to make the card. Now, here are the steps you need to follow to make this beautiful birthday card for your friend and family.

How to make handmade birthday cards at home?

  1. Take a Yellow sheet of paper and cut a circle out of it.
  2. Cut winking eyes and a smile out of a black sheet of paper.
  3. Paste the cutting on the yellow circle.
  4. Make some colorful flowers to paste on the head of your emoji. (click here to learn how to make colorful paper flowers from my other post).
  5. Paste the colorful flowers on the head of your winking emoji circle.
  6. Now, take a square sheet and fold it in half twice and then fold it diagonally.
  7. Then, open it and try to make the structure as shown in step 7 of the image below.
  8. Make it colorful with some of your creativity and paste the emoji on one side and a white circle on the other side. (It will look like a greeting card)
  9. Your greeting card is ready and you can write some catchy lines.

Follow the image to better understand the steps.

how to make birthday cards, birthday cards for friends


2. Birthday card with flowers

Let’s make this flower greeting card and impress your loved one with your creativity. This is the Simplest but most creative greeting card that you can make easily. All you need is some colored papers. This is a craft that everyone would appreciate and love to receive. So, what are the materials required for making homemade birthday cards at home?

Materials Required:

  1. Colored sheets of paper.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. Pencil.
  4. White Glue.
  5. Sketch Pens.

If you are ready with the materials, we can begin making a homemade birthday card. So, Steps to make the birthday card with paper flowers.

How to make homemade birthday cards at home?

  1. Take 2 colored sheets of paper ( Red and White).
  2. Paste white sheet over the red sheet leaving a margin around the border and Fold the sheet in half.
  3. Using a pencil, draw a circle on the red sheet and cut it out.
  4. Make some beautiful small flowers. ( learn to make beautiful paper flowers.)
  5. Paste the Flowers around the circle and decorate it.
  6. Show some creativity and design around the circle using sparkle pen, sketch pen, or by some colorful stickers.
  7. Write a Curly and artistic “Happy Birthday” inside the circle on the White sheet.
  8. Open the card and write some lovely quotes or personal lines for your friend or parent.
  9. Your Greeting card is Ready.

How to make handmade birthday cards


3. Handmade Creative Birthday Card

Another creative way to make a beautiful birthday card. This is the simplest birthday card that you can try and even ask your kids to make one. With such crafts, your kids get skills of crafting and also improve their creativity and thinking capability. So, gather the materials and bring together your kids.

Materials required:

  1. Colored sheets of papers.
  2. White glue.
  3. A pencil.
  4. A pair of scissors.
  5. Sketch pens.
  6. Sparkle Tape.

Steps to make a Handmade creative birthday card:

  1. Fold a Yellow sheet of paper and paste White sheet on the fold leaving a margin of 4 cm around it.
  2. Use sparkle Tape and other decorative items to decorate the border.
  3. Make an accordion fold of a red sheet of paper. ( Learn to make Accordion fold.)
  4. Paste the fold on the border and also insert a Yellow sheet cutting on it.
  5. Make a beautiful flower using paper. (Learn to make paper flowers.)
  6. Paste the flower on your greeting card.
  7. Write a beautiful “Happy Birthday Wish” on the Yellow sheet.

Your beautiful Handmade birthday card is ready.

How to make handmade birthday card


4. Heart shape Birthday Card.

A beautiful heart shape birthday card can be an impressive way to wish your love a Happy birthday. So, with much wait let’s start making the card. So, what are the materials you will need for this?

Materials required for the making of the Heart-Shaped birthday card.

  1. Colored sheets of papers.
  2. White Glue.
  3. A pair of scissors.
  4. A pencil.
  5. Any round object to draw a big circle.

How to make a Heart-shaped birthday card?

  1. Fold a red sheet in half and draw a heart as shown in the pic below.
  2. Cut the sheet using the pair of scissors.
  3. Cut one more copy of it smaller in size.
  4. Paste the smaller cutting inside the folded heart using white glue.
  5. Now, take 4-5 small square sheets and fold them in half. After folding, paste all sheets along the crease.
  6. Draw a circle on the sheets and make curves along the circumference.
  7. Cut along the curves using the pair of scissors.
  8. Draw lines on every page with a pencil at 2 fingers gap.
  9. Use glue to paste the pages along the lines drawn with the pencil.
  10. Now, paste the sheets in the greeting card.
  11. When you open it, you will be amazed to see a beautiful flower inside it.
  12. Decorate the outside, using the flowers and leaves. ( Which you can learn making from my other post.)
  13. Your card is ready. Just right your message along with the Greetings.

How to make handmade birthday card

I hope you enjoy the making of handmade Birthday cards at home. Surprise everyone with your creative skills.