How to make paper birds for wall decoration? Easy DIY

Today, while sitting outdoor, I noticed some beautiful little birds chirping around in the garden. I spent some time looking at them, enjoying the beauty of nature. It was really relaxing seeing them playing around the trees. Suddenly, I remember my room’s wall, why not decorate the walls with some little beautiful paper birds. So, I sat down and searched How to make paper birds for wall decoration?

There were many results but none of them is what I wanted. So, tried some different keywords like Paper birds crafts, wall decoration paper birds, How to make paper birds crafts and finally, I start getting results, most of the results were for some products. But I didn’t want any stickers or templates, rather I wanted to make my own paper birds, the DIY stuff.

And the following are some of the paper birds that are easy and simple, You can even make them with just some colored sheets, a scissor, and glue. this is what I liked about them, Simple and Easy.

Make Paper Birds Easy and beautiful:

  1. Beautiful n easy Paper bird with just circles.
  2. Paper Bird with Just folding sheet. 
  3. Paper Bird within 4 steps.
  4. Night scene, birds wall decoration.

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1. Beautiful n Easy Paper birds with just circles

This is the simple form of a paper bird that you are going to find on the internet. Just collect some colored papers and get set to make your paper birds. This is the simplest paper bird design, which you can even try with your kids. Enjoy the quality time and as a bonus make a craft to decorate your rooms. So,

what are the materials you need for this?

  1. Some construction paper,
  2. A pair of scissors,
  3. A craft glue.

The materials are all easily available at the house. Now, you’ll just need the steps to make your paper birds. Down below, the steps are written in simple words, but even if you feel lazy in reading the steps, just consider the pictorial guide below the steps which explains you with the step by step images.

How to make paper birds for Wall? 

  1. Cut out a larger circle for the body of the bird.
  2. And cut two smaller circles of a different color than that of the body.
  3. Paste the smaller circles in the place of the head of the bird.
  4. Now, cut out a heart shape from the paper.
  5. Fold the heart in half and paste it as the wings.
  6. Now, add a tail & a beak.

Your paper bird is ready for the walls.

How to make paper birds for wall decorations

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2. Paper Bird with Just Folding sheet.

A simple and easy craft to make from simple A4 Colorful sheets. Don’t judge it by its appearance, it’s rather very simple to make. It’s worth making whether you are a kid or an adult. I tried it with my kids and the experience was great, they loved their creation.

The materials you will need to create this art effect are:

  1. An A4 sheet (colored or white, Your choice)
  2. A pair of Scissors with child-safety design.
  3. Stapler
  4. A pencil
  5. Some colors ( that your kids like)

paper bird

How to make Paper birds with just folding of papers? Easy steps

  1. Fold a paper in half.
  2. Draw a simple curve just like the image Fig.1. (below)
  3. Cut the curved image made in step 2.
  4. Draw eyes with sketch colors.
  5. Fold another sheet in an accordion fold.
  6. Now insert the folded piece of Step 5 in the cutting of step 3.
  7. Fold another sheet just like step 5.
  8. Staple the sheet at the tail.
  9. Your paper bird is ready.
Paper bird, How to make paper birds for wall decoration?, Paper birds DIY
paper bird Fig.1

I, instead of, just printing some template for the paper birds, ask my kids to draw their own kind of birds they like. With each new design and pattern, they have a new bird species. This colorful paper bird craft can be of any variations of colors you and your kids like, and it’s a Paper Craft kids will love customizing and making it, their own way.

Children are free to run the horses of their creativity, their paper bird may resemble their favorite types of bird, like a robin or a bluebird. Or rather they may go creating their own rainbow inspired craft and end up with a random colored and unique bird design.

Either way, children are sure to delight in creating this easy bird crafts activity.


3. Paper birds within 4 steps.

Now, here is a second simple and easy paper bird even a 4 years old can make. My little boy made it within minutes, It’s that simple. All you need to do is have some colorful circles cut out of some colored A4 sheets and fold it and paste it. That’s it.

You’ll need:

  1. Some Colorful A4 sheets (or some colored charts, anything like colored papers.)
  2. A Scissor
  3. A Pencil
  4. An Adhesive glue

And you are ready to make as many paper bird for your wall to decorate your room as many you like. Finally, once you are done with your first paper bird, it would take you just a few seconds in making the next one. Followings are the step by step instruction along with the step by step images to explain properly.

How to make Paper birds for wall decoration, quick and easy craft?

  1. Draw two circles(1 small & 1 large) on two different colored sheets & cut them out.
  2. Paste smaller circle over the larger one.
  3. Cut a square and a strip. Paste them as the beak and tail respectively.
  4. Your paper bird is ready.

How to make paper bird for wall decoration.

Design and creativity are all up to you, you can make it as much complicated as you like or a simple as you like. Either way, you are going to get a beautiful little paper bird for your wall.


4. Night Scene, Paper birds wall decoration

A beautiful night scene with birds sitting on a branch, Make it yourself and hang it on the wall. A realistic scene you can create using just some brown cardboard, a black watercolor, a pencil, and a Scissor. and you are all set to beautify your room. So, finally, go and collect the material from your storeroom. Your kid’s old toys boxes or find your shoe boxes.

The Material needed is:

  1. A Brown Cardboard ( or any Shoebox, Toybox )
  2. Black watercolor
  3. A pair of Scissors with child-safety design.
  4. A Brush
  5. Two paper clips

Now, just follow the step by step instructions below and you can easily make this craft. Below the written steps, I have a collage of the steps in the pictorial form, you can easily understand the steps if you find reading steps boring.

How to make paper birds for wall decoration

How to make Paper birds for wall decoration? Easy DIY

  1. Draw some simple birds sketches and a sketch of a bird on hard cardboard.
  2. Cut out the birds & the branch and paste them all on the branch.
  3. Paste the clips as the hooks to hang the birds on the wall.
  4. Paint the whole craft in black.
  5. You are ready with your night scene.

how to make paper birds for wall decoration

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I hope you enjoy making these beautiful paper birds with your kids, as I liked it making and trying new and cool crafts with my kids.