how to make paper bookmarks at home

Make your own bookmarks

It seems that you are very fond of books, actually me too. Once I had decided to make some bookmarks for myself at home. Then, I found some really amazing and unique bookmarks that you can make with paper at home. Therefore, I had recalled all the designs and also did a lot of internet surfing to get the best and easy bookmarks designs. In this post, you will get some simple, interesting & unique bookmarks designs. On top of that, I have answered your question on How to make paper bookmarks at home?

A complete list of bookmarks designs that you can make with paper.

  1. Heart-shaped Bookmark
  2. Monster bookmark
  3. Patterned paperĀ 
  4. Papercraft and thread
  5. Hand-painted Bookmark
  6. Ribbon & button
  7. Ice-Cream stick & thread bookmarks
  8. Button & clip bookmark
  9. Kid’s Bookmarks

These are some unique bookmarks ideas that you can try at your home, all you need is some colorful papers. Down below along with the different bookmarks designs, I have step by step instructions on how to make paper bookmarks at home in writing as well as in pictorial form. So, let’s begin the list.

1. Heart-Shaped Bookmarks

How to make a heart-shaped bookmark? is the most demanded bookmark design on the internet. Even the making of this one is easy. Just a few folds and you are done. Even though, if you have no crafting or origami experience, no problem. All the unique bookmark designs listed here need least to no crafting skills.

Time Needed: 3 mins ( Once, you’re done with making 2 or 3, you can make a lot within minutes.)

Materials Required:

  1. Colored sheets of paper / Construction paper.

how to make a heart-shaped paper bookmark?

  1. Take a colored sheet and make a book fold.
  2. Again, make one more book fold and make a crease
  3. Take one end and align the length along the crease. as shown in the picture.
  4. Do the same with the other end. ( now, both the ends will be facing up and you’ll get the pointy edge for your heart.)
  5. Now, the book folds the upper part in half to make a crease.
  6. With the crease as a reference, fold all the corners along the crease. See your heart-shaped bookmark is ready.

Practice a few times and you’ll be making it in no time.

2. Monster Bookmark

If you don’t want to be confused in origami folds and just do it the easiest way then hold on. This next method is going to make it much easier. Just two folds and you have your bookmark.

Time Needed: 2 mins (a 2 minutes craft)

Materials Required:

  1. Some colored sheets of paper.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. Designer papers
  4. A pencil.
  5. A measuring scale.
  6. Craft glue.

How to make easy bookmarks at home?

  1. Using a measuring scale and a pencil, draw 3 squares in the letter “L” shape. (One on top and one on right)
  2. Using a pair of scissors, cut out along the parallel diagonals of the squares.
  3. Paste some colorful designer papers on the square,
  4. Fold the triangles onto the square
  5. Paste the two triangles using white glue.
  6. Make it colorful by pasting Designer patterns over it.
  7. Using glue, stick the eyes and teeth of the monster.

Your monster bookmark is ready. you can use the same procedure and create N no. Of characters for your book.

Steps to make bookmarks at home


3. Patterned Paper slip

Easiest of all but, yet a cool bookmark with minimalism point of view. All you need to think of is some patterns that suit your thoughts and mood. A clean contemporary design to beautifully hold your mark.

Time Needed: 2 mins (2-minutes crafts)

Materials required:

  1. Some colored construction sheets.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. Colorful threads.
  4. A pencil.
  5. Designer paper sheets.

How to make the easiest but unique bookmark?

Make the strip.

Take a colored sheet and make some patterns using some colors or just spread some bright watercolors over the sheets and then, cut a rectangle strip out of it.

Make the flower.

Take a long thread of any color and make several loops around your finger. Then, tie the loops properly leaving some space at one end and cut open the other end.

Now, at last, attach the flower to the paper slip.

How to make paper bookmarks designs at home


4. Paper Craft & thread

This one is similar to the last one. Despite the fact that, for this, you need some artistic skills like painting, sketching, or drawing.

Time Needed: 5 mins (a 5-minutes craft)

Materials Required:

  1. Some colored sheet of paper.
  2. Colorful threads.
  3. A pair of scissors.
  4. A pencil.
  5. Some plastic colorful badges.
  6. Some colors.

How to make papercraft & thread bookmark?

Make a character.

There must be some cartoon characters you like Or can just find some cute ones online. Make one and tie it to the flower.

Make a flower.

Take a long thread of any color and make several loops around your finger. Then, tie the loops properly leaving some space at one end and cut open the other end.

Now, at last, attach the flower to the character.

Paper craft & thread bookmark, How to make paper bookmark at home


5. Hand-painted Bookmark

Yet another simple paper book for good sketchers and painters. Paint some beautiful drawings or sceneries on a piece of paper and just tie it to a thread. That’s it.

You can create different sketches for your different moods or for different color combinations for each genre.

Just like Black and white for horror, red for love stories, and just like that.

hand Painted Bookmarks


6. Ribbon & Button bookmarks

There is definitely no use of paper in this but you can make this at home using the materials easily available at your home. Rest is creativity, that is up to you. Run your horses and this of designs you can use on the ribbon or over the buttons. Source

Time Needed: 5 mins (a 5-minute craft)

Materials Required:

  1. Of course, a Ribbon.
  2. A Needle and string.
  3. Some colorful buttons of various shapes.
  4. And a Craft elastic band.

How to make an easy but beautiful bookmark with materials at home?

  1. Take a ribbon strip twice the length of your book.
  2. Using a needle and a string attach a rubber band at one end of the ribbon.
  3. On the other end attach a button.
  4. Your bookmark is ready.

You can create a variety of bookmarks by just changing the ribbon and the button.

Ribbon & Button


7. Ice-Cream stick & thread bookmarks

Another DIY bookmark that you can make at your home.

Time Needed: 5 mins (a 5 minutes bookmark)

Materials Required:

  1. Ice-cream sticks.
  2. A needle & a thread.
  3. Some watercolors.
  4. Decoration items.

Steps to make a unique bookmark design at home.

  1. Take an Ice-cream stick and make a little hole at one end.
  2. tie a colorful thread to the stick.
  3. Use beads and colorful letters to make them attractive.

Now, the decoration is up to you. Show your skills.

Ice-cream stick and thread bookmarks


8. Button & clip bookmark

One more bookmark using buttons. A simple design, if you know how to attach buttons then you are good to go.

Time Needed: 2 mins (a 2 minutes bookmark)

Materials required:

  1. Some colorful buttons.
  2. Some paper clips.
  3. A needle & a thread.
  4. A small piece of fabric.

So, how do you make this button & clip bookmark?

  1. Select a beautiful button from your collection.
  2. Put a small piece of fabric below and using needle and thread attach the button to the clip.

Buttons and clips


9. Kid’s Bookmarks

This last bookmark, kids should try out this one. There are two ways you can make this.

One is the simple draw and cut method that we did in our 2nd monster bookmark.

That is, cut the shape, fold, and paste any design you want over it – a cartoon character, an animal, or any alphabet or name. Whatever you like.

Second is the method, I’m going to teach now that doesn’t involve any drawing or cutting. How to make paper bookmarks at home?

  1. Take a square sheet of paper.
  2. Fold it in half along the diagonal.
  3. Take one corner of the triangle (corners that are folded in half in the last step) and place it on the other corner.
  4. Do the same with the second corner of the triangle.
  5. Now, open the folds. You’ll get two creases.
  6. Fold one sheet of the twos (The other corner) to the middle of the line.
  7. Now, take the other corners and fold them inside the pocket formed in the last step.
  8. Your bookmark is ready. You can make any character over it or make and paste them.

Steps to make bookmark

Some ideas that you can take help from and make your own little kid’s bookmark.

bookmark ideas, how-to-make-paper-bookmarks-at-home


I hope you like the list of simple, easy, and unique bookmarks designs along with the steps on how to make paper bookmarks at home?