Paper craft ideas for kids under 5

paper craft ideas for kids under 5

I was making some Paper Crafts with my kids and enjoying my quality time. Suddenly, it strikes my mind. Why not search for some paper craft ideas for kids under 5? which are easy and can be made with all the materials available at home. Though I found many results for my paper crafts ideas for kids. however, I was interested especially in crafts for kids under 5.

To get the best ideas, I went through hundreds of YouTube videos. finally, I found the following ideas which I myself find very easy. So, these are the Paper Craft ideas for kids under 5, they can easily try.

List of the Paper Craft ideas for kids under 5, they do and learn:

  1. Butterfly painting,
  2. Owl of shapes,
  3. Geometric headband,
  4. Paper Spinning Top,
  5. ShoeBox Maze,
  6. Tic Tac Toe with Pebbles,
  7. Paper Pin Wheel


1. Butterfly Painting

Paint a beautiful butterfly. Painting is the favorite activity, kids love to do. Therefore, this is the best technique to keep your kids away from the TV & Phone screens. Painting not only saves the kids from unhealthy exposure to technology but also, results in an improvement in their creative skills. As a result, you have the best of both worlds. It enhances motor skills, creative skills and teaches what’s symmetry.

So, what you are going to need for painting a butterfly? well, here is a list below:

  1. A white sheet of paper,
  2. A painting brush,
  3. Watercolors,

that’s all. Yeah, you are all set to enjoy with your kid.

Steps to help your kid in making their beautiful butterfly painting:

  1. Take a white sheet and fold it in half.
  2. draw a little circular design on the right side of the sheet.
  3. Using the brush, make a straight line along the folded crease.
  4. Now, ask your kid to design any pattern to make their butterfly’s wings.
  5. When the design is done, fold the other half onto the colored side.
  6. You’ll have a symmetrical and beautiful butterfly.

Enjoy Painting. If you find any difficulty in understanding the steps, down below is a step by step images guide instructing you what to do next.

butterfly painting, paper crafts for kids under 5

2. Owl of shapes

This is one the Best tricks, you can use in teaching kids about the shapes and geometries. Teaching a kid is a difficult task because of the reason that the mind of the kids at the little age of 5 is very imaginative and active. Therefore, it requires out of the box ideas to direct the energy to the desired direction. So, in order to get attention, making such with them is the best you can do.

So, what are the requirements for the Owl of Shapes:

  1. Some colored sheet of papers,
  2. A Scissor,
  3. A Pen or Pencil,
  4. White Glue,
  5. A compass to draw circles.

If you have it all, then, just follow the following steps and help your kids to make their own Owl of shapes. 

  1. Draw circles on brown(large), yellow(medium), black(smaller) sheets, 2 circles on each color sheet for eyes.
  2. Cut all the 6 circles out and paste black over yellow and yellow over brown to make the eyes.
  3. Draw a few triangles on the colored sheets and cut them out.
  4. Paste the colored triangle on a black sheet to make your owl’s body.
  5. Complete the craft, by pasting all the triangles and circles in place.

During the making of this craft, teach your kids about the shapes you are using. This is going to help them enjoy the learning process. Even as a teacher, you can try this craft with your student in the class.

paper craft ideas for kids under 5


3. Geometric headband

Teach your kids about geometric shapes, i.e. Square, rectangle, circle, triangle. in a creative way. This craft does require much crafting skills, I’m sure you can do it easily and be better at teaching your kids about the shapes. Furthermore, if you welcome the kid’s participation in making, I believe, your lots of hard work will be saved in teaching them.

The requirement for the Geometric headband are:

  1. Some colored sheets of paper,
  2. A white glue,
  3. A pair of scissors,
  4. A thread.

Now, it’s time to read out the steps and make your own geometric headband. So, the steps are the following:

  1. Cut some long strips out of a colored sheet and paste them together in one.
  2. Using a pair of scissors, cut out some squares smaller than the width of the strip.
  3. From another colored sheet, cut out some circles with a diameter less than the width of your band.
  4. Now, just paste circles and squares over the strip one by one at alternate positions. (This step is better to be done by your kids.)
  5. Finally, put a hole at the end of the band and tie the thread.

If you find any difficulty in understanding the steps, below is a step by step instructions in pictorial form. Read the steps above and follow the step by step images below. This is a craft available on source

paper craft ideas for kids under 5

4. Paper spinning top

Do your kids spend most of their time in front of the T.V. or Mobile Screens? If yes, then its time to take some actions and divert their energy to the physical world from the virtual world. Because this is the time when they can get easily addicted to it. Therefore, finding solutions and ideas to make their mind busy is your first job before scolding and punishing them. Paper Spinning can be one of the easy paper craft ideas for kids under 5, you can try.

paper craft ideas for kids under 5

If you are interested in more such games that your kids can make and play with. Then, I have this post where I have listed 9 games that can easily be made at your home with paper and cardboards.

5. Shoebox maze

Another Idea to keep your kids busy playing with physical things in the real world. This not only keeps them busy but also, along with that, improves the kid’s motor skills, and understanding the problem skills. Furthermore, you can create N numbers of maze patterns and challenge your kids with new problems. Though it seems a lot of work actually, it is not. Just collect the materials and get started.

The materials needed:

  1. An Old Shoe Box,
  2. Colored sheets of paper,
  3. Pencils,
  4. Few Straws,
  5. Marble.

How to make a ShoeBox Maze? Step by Step instructions.

  1. Take the shoebox lid and cover the inner part with a colored paper (any color your kids like).
  2. Draw the maze with a pencil on the paper and paste straws on it.
  3. Take another colored paper and make 2 goals on each end.
  4. Use marble to play the game.

Now, your kids can enjoy the game for hours. In addition, whenever they seem to be getting bored make them a new one. As you now know, it doesn’t take much. enjoy playing.


6. Craft pebble game

Tic Tac Toe, A-game, we used to play for hours at school, whenever we get free time. Even during the class, this is the first option we choose to overcome our boredom. But as I remember, we always fill our last page with Tic Tac Toe. But, finally, I have got this idea, which will definitely save us from wasting paper. Using pebbles for zeros and crosses, and making a permanent pattern on a bag or you can do it on any old shoe box as well. 

The best thing about this is you can store these pebbles in the bag or in your shoebox. Therefore, it saves you time.

The materials you are going to need to make this Craft:

  1. A jute bag or an old shoebox,
  2. some pebbles,
  3. A black color marker or some straws,
  4. A white glue,
  5. A brush,
  6. Watercolors.

You must be confused with the materials, but actually, these are materials for making this craft in two different ways. Use Old shoebox, straws, white glue to make you cross pattern on a shoebox. Just like the Shoebox maze, explained above. And use watercolors, brush, and pebbles to make your zeros, and crosses.

And for the crafts shown in the picture below, here are the steps:

  1.  Take a jute bag and a black marker.
  2. Using the black marker make two vertical and two horizontal lines on the jute bag.
  3. Color the pebbles and make zeros and crosses.
  4. You are ready to begin the game.

repeat the steps, if you like to make it on a shoebox. just replace the lines with the straws. Your Tic Tac Toe is ready. Follow the step by step images for instructions.

7. Paper Pin Wheel

Were your kids very active and run around the house the whole time before they were hit by the virtual games. Then, this is one of my kid’s favorite paper craft ideas for kids under 5. and I’m sure your kids too will like the making and playing. We as a child liked it very much and run around the house the whole day. So, let’s bring back your kids for the virtual world to the real world and help them enjoy real happiness. 

What you’re going to need for this craft:

  1. A colored sheet of paper.
  2. A pin,
  3. A pair of scissors,
  4. A straw or a pencil.

Are you ready to make the Paper Pin Wheet? let’s follow the steps and make this Paper Craft quickly:

  1. Cut a square out of any colored sheet and fold it along the diagonal.
  2. Now, fold the triangle in half and then using scissors, cut along the crease, halfway. Repeat it along all the diagonals.
  3. Paste the corners in the center, 
  4. Do the same with all the other alternate corners.
  5. Now, pin a pin through the center onto the pencil or Straw.

Down below is an image that explains every step in pictorial form and if you get confused in any of the above steps just follow the step by step images below and make your own Paper Pin Wheel.

paper craft ideas for kids under 5


I have another post about the cool things to make with paper that is easy. If you liked these I’m sure you are going to love them.

I hope you like the list of Paper Craft ideas for kids under 5. If you have any other suggestions for the list do let me know in the comments below. I will surely add them to the list and give you a link.