Super easy paper crafts for adults video tutorial step by step instructions

I wondered, what are the easy paper crafts for Adults that I can make easily? because I’m not good at crafts. I just knew a few simple tricks like making airplane, boat or rose. All other kinds of stuff are out of my league. So, I searched a few easy crafts. While scrolling down the results. I realized, how difficult it is to find the crafts that are simple and easy but still makes a great craft.

That’s why all my search result that I myself found really simple are listed below with step by step instructions. Just go to the bottom of the page, I have a video tutorial for each one.

List of Super easy paper crafts for adults:

  1. Origami Peacock,
  2. Beautiful Paper Butterfly,
  3. Simple Origami Rose Flowers,
  4. Your own customized Paper Box,
  5. DIY Angry bird bookmark,
  6. Hexagonal Pencil Holder.

The details for the above-mentioned crafts starts here.

1. Origami Peacock

Origami peacock, easy paper crafts for adults

I, personally liked this craft very much. Though it seems a little complicated and you may even step back after looking at its complexity. But believe me, it’s much easier. Clearly its an origami, therefore, the materials needed for this Origami Peacock is.

  1. A colored paper

All you require is just a construction paper. If you like this Origami peacock down below is a video tutorial for you.


2. Beautiful Paper Butterfly

how to make paper butterfly, easy paper crafts for adults

How beautiful is this butterfly? isn’t it? this is another complex looking origami but rather an easy one. To be honest, we can’t categorize it in origami as this craft require a little use of scissor. So, what do you need for this paper butterfly?

  1. A colored paper
  2. A scissor

Yes, you can make this awesome butterfly with just these two materials. and one more thing you can even customize it with a little touch-up. A good step by step tutorial is provided in a video below.

3. Simple Origami Rose Flowers

How to make origami rose, Easy paper crafts for adults

Such a pretty flower. Try this paper flower and impress your kids. This origami Rose is made just like other origamis, by just folding the paper in a systematic way. Origami is a complex task but not this flower. Collect some construction paper and get ready to try it.

You’ll need:

  1. Some Construction paper (Red, Green),
  2. A white Glue.

The Rose flower is a craft that I found on AssistanceTV-eng youtube channel. If you like this origami, I recommend you to try this, for sure.


4. Simple Paper Butterfly

things to do with paper that is easy, easy paper crafts

This is a beautiful little craft, which involves just folding of some papers. I use such crafts in decorating my kid’s school project because of which the project looks more versatile and awesome.

I personally advise you to try these little Paper Butterfly with your kids, I am saying this with my own personal experience with my kids. you can’t imagine How much happy they were when they make them.

Even the materials are no headache. Everything is easily available at home. All you need is:

  1. An A4 colorful sheet
  2. Ribbon
  3. A scissor

Just start folding the sheet and tie a ribbon with symmetrical wings both sides. This is a craft I found on visit the link to make your own butterfly. 

5. Your own customized paper box

Are you bored with your old plastic boxes? and need something just “made for you” kind of stuff. Then, this is the piece you must try. Fully functional and usable. 

The material you’ll need for this are:

  1. A hard paper
  2. A scissor
  3. White Glue.

For the steps to make this box. we have a video below. Go to the bottom of the page and learn to make your own customized paper box for your utensils.


6. DIY Angry bird bookmark

Reading books may be an interesting hobby but what’s irritating, finding the page you left at, during your last session. The highly recommended trick for overcoming this irritation is having a bookmark. So, if it’s bookmark you need. Why have those boring strips, when you can make your own angry bird bookmark? 

All you’ll need for your Angry bird bookmark is:

  1. Some colored papers (Red, Yellow, White).
  2. A Scissor,
  3. A white glue.

Finally, with all the materials in your hand, you can create an angry bird bookmark to take care of your last session. I have a video below to teach you how you can make your own angry bird bookmark.


7. Hexagonal Pen Holder

A creative way to hold your utensils together. make your own pen holder with colorful paper. Which not only looks great on your table but also keep your table clean and well arranged. With this pen holder shown in the picture above, along with the pen and pencil, you can place some notes, like a to-do list. 

So, what are the materials you’ll need to make your pen holder?

  1. Some colored papers,
  2. A white glue,
  3. A Scissor
  4. A Pencil.

The steps to make this craft i.e. Pen holder, are very well explained in a video by Craftastic on YouTube. You can visit the video or go to the page below to see the video tutorial.


8. Pocket Folder

Paper folder, cool things to do with paper that is easy, easy paper crafts

It’s difficult to find some beautiful Pocket Folder which doesn’t have some unrelatable diagrams, Tables and some other sort of stuff. So, Why not make your own. Pocket Folders are just some solid hard paper folded and pasted together and As far as I know, anyone can do that stuff. So, just have some cardboard cut out from your kid’s old toys box and some other materials like Glue and Scissor.

The materials required are:

  1. Cardboard (from old Toys box)
  2. A scissor,
  3. A Tape or Glue
  4. A scale and a pencil.

Seems like you are ready, Now just follow the steps. Click on the link to get the details instructions at


The video tutorial for the crafts mentioned above.


Hope you like the crafts. If you have some more ideas about easy paper crafts for adults, feel free to comment below, I will try to add them to the list and give a link to your site.